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 Player Conduct Policy

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PostSubject: Player Conduct Policy   Sun Sep 13, 2009 5:26 pm

All A||iance members are expected to treat other A||iance members and other Evony players with a level of respect.

Good-natured kidding, even that which gets crass at times, is okay with me. Personal attacks and derogatory remarks, regardless of the provocation, are not.

If such behavior happens, I will expel a member from A||iance before coming to his or her aid if he or she is attacked because of it. I also reserve the right to demote or expel any member who violates this policy regardless of whether or not he or she is attacked.

I trust this policy will not be an issues for any of us. I have never seen an A||iance member behave in a way I believe condradicts this stantard and hope I never do. Please ask me if you need any clarification.

The bottom line is we're here to have fun. Let's make sure that's possible for everyone.
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Player Conduct Policy
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